Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Trees are made of leaves and bark and stumps and even fruit in some cases. For me though, trees provided a magical getaway as a child.

As a girl, I would wander the woods and find the greenest, most lush tree I could to escape to. Whether I climbed the tree or dug out a niche for myself, I could often be found with  my harcover copy of Little Women or The Secret Garden devouring each page as if it were the last page I might ever read, all the while taking little breaks to peak out through the lush greenery and smile at the sun as it tried to peak in at me.

So, yes, trees do serve a vital function in our society. Without them, we’d cease to exist. The same goes for me though. Even today I can be found with my latest read under a tree enjoying the leaves, the smell, the feel of the Earth underneath my body. Without trees, I’d cease to be me.

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tree

  1. The only critique I could give is never end a sentence with a preposition. At the beginning of your second paragraph you end the first sentence with the word ‘to’ after already having used it. It’s not needed. Other than that, excellent post and well done, my friend.


      1. I’ve been published once, on an online “Mommy site,” w/ a huge following. Since then I pitched to a magazine, the editor loved the pitch, asked for writing samples, and I never heard back. Alas, I keep trying.

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      2. That’s the game, my friend. Out of a thousand ‘no’s’ all it takes is one solid ‘yes’ for an opportunity to grow into something amazing. Keep writing. If nothing else, you will always have one person following your career.


      3. Thank you so much. Would you mind taking a look at Metamorphis? If you’re working or busy, don’t hesitate to tell me no. I haven’t figured out how to link thinhs/fellow bloggers yet!

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      4. I think the only way to link to anyone is to go into that paper clip icon and type in their full page address. I will show you because I am actually writing a piece to send people to your page. Nothing wrong with a little publicity for a good writer.


  2. Thanks, again. I think when you read Metamorphis you’ll understand how difficult it is for me to understand that someone as talented as you (and our fellow bloggers) thinks I’m any good!


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