Daily Prompt: Elegant

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

She hides behind her manners and pearls,
Ever careful not to utter the wrong word, lest she be labeled
Hair perfectly coiffed, nails painted to perfection, perfectly pressed pencil pants lay flat across her taught stomach.
Nobody knows her deep, dark secrets.
So graceful outwardly its as if a veil of elegance covers her true self.
At times even she believes
It does.
Though she tries to live behind the veil with nightfall and loneliness the secrets creep up,
Relentlessly tormenting her delicate psyche.
She feels as if her soul is deeply damaged; scarred
Beyond Repair.
She draws the blinds and begins her
Nightly Numbing Ritual
Unaware of how else to feel better.
It is then the veil is lifted,
And she can be her true self.
Until the next day…

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