Behind the Viel

Larger than life it’s as if your very being shines as bright as the Sun itself.

Fearing I may get scorched if I get too close, I meekly watch from a safe distance, out of reach of the scorching beams for as long as I can.

But then night falls and the party ends and everybody goes home and we’re

Despite my gut wrenching reactions to your never ending wants and demands,
I Submit.
How can I not when so many others would gladly take my place?

Every finger you lay upon my pure, soft, snow white skin sends searing flames of fire through my body that make me feel as if I may become engulfed in flames at any moment.

I pray for that moment. I yearn for the sweet relief of my own burning flesh because I know with my flesh afire, you will dismount me.

When you’re done with me, I smile through the shame, through the tears, and through the disgust.

Day after day, night after night, I go about my usual activities hiding in the shade until I can no longer. I’m a shell of myself.

I’ve become eclipsed by you.

7 thoughts on “Behind the Viel

  1. Very intense. Would love to see this expanded to see what happens when she realizes that she is eclipsed and then the eclipse ends.


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