Alls Fair in Love and Jeopardy

She knows exactly what shes doing.
Its no coincidence that her full, wet lips remain permanently stained,
And pursed.
Or that her sun kissed, golden waves fall just so…
Over her bare, taught collar bone,
As she laughs too much at your weak attempt at wit and humor.
She could walk around the bar,
She squeezes by you, her body brushing up against yours
Igniting a fiery fury,
Uncontrollably pulsing through your veins.
As she casts her spell you find her magic has you
Rationalizing the possibilities?
While the smoke and booze of the bar continue to intoxicate you,
Ask yourself:
Exactly what are you willing to Jeopardize?

4 thoughts on “Alls Fair in Love and Jeopardy

  1. This is lovely, it calls to mind something that is not blame but an addiction…something that is wrong but can’t be helped, because it draws you in like a drug.

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