A Family Born

Six years ago I had the honor of watching my first nephew and Godson be born. My sister chose my mother, our sister, and myself to be her support persons. I’ve always been grateful for that experience and have since felt a special connection to both my sister and my nephew. Maybe because of his birth, maybe not. Nonetheless, I love him like crazy.
A few months back my sister announced she was expecting her second child. Admittedly, this was difficult news for me since my husband and I were struggling with infertility and weighing our options in regards to IVF. He’s a firm believer in “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and if the science is there, take advantage, while I tend to lean toward the theological side of things and truly believe if God wanted us to have a second child, we would. Our son, Jack, is a wonderfully smart, funny, handsome, and charming young man whom fills our heart with so much love and gratitude that I truly feel I could burst at times.
My sister felt terrible delivering her news to me, which made me feel even more terrible. Our struggles are nobody else’s, and I love my sister and her children and never wanted her to feel as though she couldn’t share her excitement with me. As sisters do, we talked it out and moved on.
Soon she started to show and our boys’ excitement and anticipation grew by the days!The monthly countdown turned to weeks turned to days and finally the day came. While my sister was in labor I spent the day with my son and my nephew, whom have a beautiful and unique bond that I pray never changes. I felt I was right where I should be; watching over our boys, just as Samantha had countless times. It seemed so surreal to me that this would be the last time I would have just “our boys; Jack and Jakey.” I felt a bit unsettled.
When the call came that the baby had arrived Jacob’s excitement was infectious. I couldn’t stop kissing, hugging, and congratulating him. In hindsight, I’m sure he hated every minute of the attention since he is very much an introvert but I was overwhelmed with joy and love to see my nephew so happy.
Upon our arrival at the hospital all the usual hoopla took place: “Can I hold him?” “Can I be next?” And yes, I admit, I got in on it.Ā  Our newest addition is soft and beautiful and smells so delicious I couldn’t help myself if I tried.
But then I sat back and watched, and what I saw was amazing.
Tonight I saw a family born. Yes, that’s right, a family. While my sister may have given birth to only one child, her second,Ā  a beautiful, healthy, perfect little boy, an entire family blossomed in the process, and I had the privilege to watch it all happen. Jacob fell right into place as big brother, and Papi’s Pride beamed from him like the sun rising over the ocean on a hot, Summers day.
My sister was the star of the show though. Despite having just given birth, she showed no signs of distress. She welcomed all of us into the labor and delivery room and allowed us to meet our new nephew, cousin, brother, grandchild. She nursed without incident, and asked for nothing. I have never been more proud of my sister, nor have I ever felt closer to her.
I know she will put a lot of pressure on herself to be the perfect mom, but she just needs to be her best self. She’s already perfect. She’s the best version of herself and that’s all her boys want and need.
And as for Papi; please remember what I said because I meant every word. Thank you for loving my nephews and my sister the way you do and thank you for making Jacob a priority amidst all this chaos. It means a lot to mean and you’ve shown me a side of you I didn’t before know and I now have a lot of respect for. Well done.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy and Best Wishes to my favorite new family!

7 thoughts on “A Family Born

  1. Putting your struggles aside and being truly happy for your sister and your family is a beautiful thing. It can be difficult and you handled it with grace and God gave you the peace to see the beauty through your difficulties. I can say, from personal experience, I understand how hard that can be. This post is very inspiring and I look forward to reading more.


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